Soft PVC is produced by adding to the base polymer significant amounts (about 50-90 phr) of plasticizers. The most widely used plasticizers fall in the class of phthalates, characterized by a recognized acute toxicity. The aim of this proposal is to substitute traditional plasticizers with a biobased one obtained by chemical modification of cardanol.

The major expected results are:

  1. Production of 1 ton of PLACARD plasticizer at the end of the project;
  2. Production of 1000 tons/year of PVC products Placard based two years after the end of the project;
  3. Reduction of the environmental impact of plasticizer for soft PVC, by substituting oil derived products with bio based ones (reduction of 1.1 ton of CO2 per ton of new plasticizer);
  4. Increase of PVC waste mechanically recycled thanks to the improved thermal stability of Placard based products;
  5. Market up-take of more environmentally friendly soft PVC products with mechanical, physical and durability properties comparable to those of conventional soft PVC;
  6. Development of a sustainable process, business models and market structuring for systematic replication.